In July 2014, Bakehouse Studios conceived the Bakehouse Public Art and Music Project, commissioning 13 Australian artists to create installations in the musician's rehearsal rooms.   The project was launched in conjunction with the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival.  Bakehouse opened it's doors to the public for the first time in 15 years.

Contributing artists were given exhibition space on the Bakehouse Punt Road billboards to present work, one artist per month, attracting the attention of up to one million motorists a week on Melbourne's busiest road. The project has attracted significant media attention.   See HERE.   

Brustman+Boyde were designated the 'Scrap Museum's ' backstage area.  The design scheme draws elements from William Klein's film, 'Who are you, Pollymagoo?' and Donald Cammell's 1970's film,  'Performance' starring Mick Jagger. The pair installed a 12 foot custom built makeup mirror,  bespoke lighting fixtures, a hand painted wall mural and lush black carpets.  They worked in collaboration with Stewart Russell and Clara Gladstone (Spacecraft Melbourne) to design and print fabric with a hand sketched eyelash motif. The fabric was used to upholster two jacobean lounges and two Kimonos to be worn backstage.   

As a result of the project, we collaborated with Spacecraft Studios on a limited edition fashion and interiors collection inspired by the Backstage theme of Performance.    Wearable kimono wraps, leotards and beanbags were foil-printed in gold and silver in our eyelash motif, and the collection launched and sold at the Spacecraft Store on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.   We were also invited to participate in the curated Mona Museum summer food and design market, MOMA throughout January 2015 in Hobart.


Brustman + Boyde
Moya Delany
Julia deVille
Emily Floyd

Clara Gladstone

Nicholas Jones

Veronica Kent

Peter Milne
Cass Partington
Patricia Piccinin
Stewart Russell
Mick Turner

Adelle Daniels

Bruce Milne

Pascale Gomes-McNabb

Hotham Street Ladies

Will & Garrett Huxley


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